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I've lost around 12 pounds in two months (give or take, scale fluctuations and water weight and stuff) which I'm pretty happy about. Still a long way to go but it's a start!
I haven't really felt like it's *showing* yet though, which kinda sucks. :(
But then the other day I felt like it was starting to show a LITTLE bit.. so we'll see!

I've been going for bike rides when it's not too hot, but it has been very hot lately, so I've been slacking a little on the working out. :(
I do yoga a good bit, but that's more for stretching out my muscles and relaxation.

I've been trying to watch what I eat and just eat better in general; more whole grains and vegetables and fruits. It's been going pretty well, and I found a bunch of the Lean Cuisine meals are really good. Been eating more fish and stuff too. I highly recommend salmon out on the grill for a healthy summer meal. Cook it up and add some green beans, corn, and a slice of rye bread and you have a delicious dinner.

My problems mostly come from lack of self-discipline when there's bad food around the house like lots of cookies and snack cakes and things like that. Sigh.
But even still, I'm doing pretty good.
I've been keeping cottage cheese and strawberries around, eggos and Cheerios and stuff for breakfast.

If anyone has any good low-cal recipes for meals lemme know, I'd love to try making some good healthy stuff that tastes great.
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