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kittencurves's Journal

Curvy Kittens
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Once upon a time, we had curves.

This is a community for curvy girls and boys looking to decrease The Curves but not The Sanity. If you have a baby Buddha belly or thighs that make Russia quiver or hips that rock out far and wide but would like to tame your curvy beauty in a healthy way, then you simply must join.

Our goal is to realize that we are total babe kittens and it's okay to eat ice cream every once in awhile and we CAN lose some chub without cutting out food all together. We don't want this to be a place for bitching about how you are six feet tall and weigh 100 lbs. and you count every grape you eat because your goal is to lose twenty pounds before next week.

This is about trying to become healthier and happier, not emaciated and sadly desperately determined in a way that is making you hate your beautiful self.

What kind of posts are we looking for? Recipes for good-for-you-yummy food, quotes on becoming healthy and or loving on your body, fun exercise routines and fun activities to do to work on taming those curves, and pictures when you're feeling happy and "hey, my belly IS kind of cute." Your story and your hopes and your plans. What fun physical activities you did today that made your body and heart and head feel good. Positivity.

small little itty bitty rules that you must follow or DIE. okay not die..*giggle grin*

001. be nice kittens. no clawing others.
002. if we are upset at something you post we will first warn you. if within a few days the post isn't removed or edited we will stomp on it with our princess boots.
003. no ads for rating communities! if you want to post an ad to a community please have it be related to what we are. healthy, happy, trying to get in shape and love our bodies peoples.
004. boys are very much welcome.
005. if you feel uncomfy having the whole world see a post, make it friends only.
006. do not EVEREVEREVER post an entry that disallows comments. thank ewe!

This is run by the fairest community-princesses ever, tangledlimbs and um_coeur. If you have any problems or questions or comments or suggestions or sparkley things, let us know. We don't bite hard, just nibble a bit.
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