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starting down the road of fitness

dear fellow kittencurvers,
here is my plan of action!
i have started running every day. I run for a minute and walk for a minute for 30 minutes. Over the next 15 weeks i will slowly add minutes of running until i am running for a solid 30 minutes. I also rock climb several days a week to keep my upper body stregnth. I am starting yoga (although rather intermitenly) to help with flexibility and balance. I have also started a stretching series i found in the community bendypeople i am trying to reduce the amount of fat (mainly trans fat and saturated fat) that i eat as well as sugar. I walk or ride my bike to school every day and i live on the 3rd floor, and there is no elevator.
i'll post my results after my 15 weeks and we'll see where i stand.

i am finding it hard to keep healthy food in the fridge and in a rush to get out the door i often have to buy food at school, and its impossible to eat healthy it seems. any tips? what can i make into snack food that's good for me?
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