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Hey everyone! I haven't been around for a while. But hello again! Always looking for new friends, so add me if you are the same way.

I've been really good with working out lately, and I find myself enjoying it a lot. I go to Curves, do pilates, and go on a stationary bicycle at home. (I just listen to my iPod, and go for it.) I only picked up pilates recently (because of my younger sister), and I am really enjoying it. You can get some good videos anywhere, really, for low prices. I got a video for my butt and abs, which is where all my weight goes, and afterwards you can really feel it.

Anyway, my main problem right now is compulsive eating. With all this working out I am doing, I find myself wanting to eat more, and even though I am working on it, I do go for sweets. I have recently tried to limit my sweets only to food that I have to get up and buy... but I was hoping for anymore tips. Aside from the usual 'keep carrots handy' (I hate carrots) and 'drink lots of water' (water is pretty much the only thing I drink).

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